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JJ Armstrong, M.S. – is a former British Army Physical Training Instructor / member of the Special Forces. She holds a Masters Science Degree in Exercise Physiology/Sports Psychology and is a leading International Trainer & Educator.

Armstrong Performance Academy offers individuals and trainers fast highly specialised “directly to the point” training in her unique style and expertise. She also provides private consultation bookings (subject to availability) to help those in need of personal expert advice.


5 Quick Facts :

JJ is a former soldier serving in the British Army Physical Training Corp and responsible for the physical fitness of soldiers and combat units, one of the very few women to serve in this capacity in the British military.

JJ has spent 40+ years working in the field of performance sciences. She holds a Master of Sports Science Degree (M.Sc Hons.) and brings to the table three decades of “in the trenches” professional military and international experience.

JJ has written and delivered several academic courses across the United States and Europe for personal trainers, health/performance professionals and the public through the integration of mental and physical sciences.

JJ has worked on both sides of the private education system. She has trained and certified 1,000’s of Personal Trainers/Health Fitness Professionals on both sides of the Atlantic. And developed and sold several training businesses delivering transformational physical and mental training bootcamps and services.

She has a lifelong obsession with the 80/20 style minimum dose / maximum effect strategies and is an expert at Accelerated Learning (used for all situations ie to achieve a 4.0 GPA during her M.S and even taught to a friend to secure his pilots license). She deploys what she calls “Bullet Recall” tactics in all her presentations by delivering complex topics in a short, usable “here’s what you need to know” format.



1. For peak health and performance enthusiasts of all ages, JJ provides group and private training via several brands such as The X4 Alpha Training System (formally called Transform to Alpha).

2. Covert Training Room and much more via the Academy, where she applies her extensive knowledge and unique style for empowering others.

3. And offers her specialty and passionate focus for helping those over 50 who refuse to lose their physical and mental power, through the advanced T2 Alpha Combat Aging System.

On the fitness industry training side, she offers Metabolic Science courses for trainers and coaches to further their services that include Vo2/METS, HR Precision, Met Equations for remote precision programming, Met physiology testing, Real Body Age systems and more (

These powerful signature solutions are the culmination of more than 40 years work and experience in military training, psych / physiology science and human performance.



JJ is British, originally from London. She currently lives in Europe with her partner and their parrot of 23 years. When she is not travelling, she spends much of her time heavy in research and development for her brands and alongside her team, delivering X4 signature systems to the world via live and remote training. She is a constant learner and obsessed with finding and teaching the most effective tools that can deliver results in the minimum amount of time .. INTJ style 😉

Meet JJ Teaching One Of Her Most Popular Lessons


JJ Briefly Discussing D vs. SE

Video Featured Favourites

JJ now keeps most of her multimedia training at the JJ Armstrong Performance Academy.

She has her own style which many have spoken about… sharp, concise, to the point and always full of action! Here is an example taken from the Combat Aging Power Training. You can also check out her Join JJ six episode podcasts.

Combat Aging: POWER Life Athlete Essential Training


An Update Message To 1,000’s of JJ’s Students
Most Popular Video!


Combat Aging Recharge