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  • Your first week is called “discovery” where we get together via an online meeting and analyze, test and discuss in detail your current situation, and which areas you want to focus.
  • Your VIP Personal (Private) Training is then delivered via multimedia and incorporates direct live personal calls as planned between you and me. This allows for us to achieve individual customization to fully maximize your courses for the best possible results in the shortest possible time.
  • I will of course use and adapt the latest science on exercise physiology, performance psychology and nutrition for you, as part of your personal plan.
  • All of your personalized instructions will be privately stored and available inside your personal client account, so you do not have to worry about missing or forgetting anything during your training …
  • The effect and result of the work together is for you to quickly learn EXACTLY what you should be doing NOW to STOP accelerated aging in its tracks.


Your personal VIP training includes highlights from more than 12 Courses adapted from you DURING our discovery and monitoring sessions.

AND, the trainings will also often be SUBSTITUTED OR additional course modules added, based on your individual circumstances, fitness level etc., to ensure you receive the BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME.

You will receive extra adaptation in your private sessions, drawn from over 30 years extensive experience, as you learn the Combat Aging lifestyle. Areas include:

  • PHYSICAL Power System: Learn how to become the “Athlete of your Life” so you can train to enable you to do the things you want to. We will focus together on what you cannot currently do so you can live a more optimal life physically.
  • MENTAL Combat Aging System: Reverse your limiting thoughts around aging (this is essential). Take control of the “Sx3” systems that would otherwise increase your risk of accelerated aging.
  • PERSONAL Performance System: Learn what you want and how to get it using the C2R process and rediscover, recreate or redirect your path. In short, we will reconnect with your “Alpha” and reset into a new “youthful, mature and magnetic” life.


FOR A LIMITED TIME: YES. This is a BRAND NEW enhanced program for 2022, and as I will be working with you personally, the offer can only be accessed by just a few clients at a time. This allows me to focus on how YOU will get the MAXIMUM from your training.

We will first explore together what you most want from the coming weeks and how to apply this training to move further on the path to reach to your desired result.

Price: Currently around 2,000 USD which includes your discovery week and a personal mesocycle (5 week custom training drawn from JJs CA system) along with your 5 weeks of private consultancy).

Due to the high level of personal interaction this offer is strictly subject to availability. If you see the sign up button below you can still get this premium level of help.

Full Refund If Not Satisfied

GUARANTEE: If you change your mind during the first week (discovery period), or we decide the training may not be suitable for you (this training works due to its personalization and customization; however no plan is suitable for everyone) – you will receive a FULL REFUND.

So, would you like me to work with you and help you personally? If yes… take action, I look forward to helping you.