Want To Finally Strip Fat and Look Great? International 5 week body Coaching with JJ Armstrong M.Sc… former military physical training instructor (who trainers go for advice)

5 week mesocycle to get your body back FAST!

5 week mesocycle to get your body back FAST!


Alphawoman BODY is the physical training and fat loss blueprint part of the complete Alphawoman System (see below). It is used to permanently strip off excess fat and take your body to your “fighting best”

The Alpha Woman Complete System


Ideally suited to women who prefer to learn and train independently using a plan that works around their lifestyle (not set groups that require you to work around someone else’s time and place).  It is for women who want the freedom to fit their plan into their existing schedule or desire locational flexibility. 


You will learn a simple proven and highly effective 5 Week body plan with repeatable results which you can deploy in multiple 5 week cycles (mesocycles).

We give you the complete tool kit to continue your weight loss independently and get back on track any time you need to, for the rest of your life

Our training system utilises military precision to hit your target, in the quickest time possible without having to set foot into a gym or commit to paying expensive gym memberships (unless you choose to)!


A top Ex-British Army Physical Training Instructor and Special Forces female soldier has created the physical component of the Alphawoman system. This military tactical fitness system has been created for you to easily follow without the need for additional training or cost.


You can expect to lose any excess fat at a minimum rate of 5% of your total body weight every five week cycle. We will help you determine your personal targets and establish your goals.

To hit your target ‘weight’, you select and follow your preferred diet strategy from our fat loss blueprint. Additionally, you use two specifically designed workouts to get you physically fit.

You follow your training plan in 5 week cycles until you reach your ideal weight, body tone and physical fitness (what we call the “10 MET prime”).

At this point, you will be able to consume 500-1000 extra calories daily without gaining weight due to your state of advanced physical “priming” and base fitness.

The AlphaWoman BODY system uses a 30 year perfected blueprint to strip away excess fat and get yourself physically fit using a simple 5 week repeatable “mesocycle” to be able to get and stay “in shape” indefinitely. This means you never have to search for another fitness or diet plan saving you tons of money, time, and confused searching! This is all you will need.

We can do much more for you when you are ready. We also have several advanced levels and Alpha Training Plans for those wishing to take their life to the next level.

Alphawoman Body – Do it right, you only need to do it once!

The Powerwoman Bootcamp ALPHA BODY SYSTEM as told by a client ..

Alphawoman level of efficiency:

Don’t keep doing ‘weight loss’ over and over again..
what happened to ‘weight loss meaning you do it once’ and use the same GUARANTEED methodology to keep it off for a lifetime!
Without the need to spend the rest of your life depriving yourself or needing to exercise the hell out of yourself.

Introducing JJ’s Signature 5 Week Alphawoman Body System

Guaranteed Weight Loss & Exercise [Lifetime] Plan


JJ’s Powerful Fat Loss BLUEPRINT

Your own Fat Loss Blueprint includes the powerful guaranteed 3FT fat loss / antiaging plan (as discussed in the above video) and 7 other diet prototypes to fit into every individual circumstance and needs. We even include JJ’s super fast “Hollywood strategy” to kick off your fat loss to a flying start!

Ultra Fat Burning Fitness

Progress in increments and get yourself fit enough to sustain your tone and increased demand for calories, without the continuous need to diet/constantly train.

This is partially achieved through the alpha tabbing workout (for which you get Lifetime download).

Private Weekly Question Email & Ticket System

You will have questions about your plan and we have you covered again.

Every week during your 5 week course, you will receive an email where you can submit all your questions about using your plan to be answered during one of your private calls (if about your training) or our dedicated member support concierge.

AlphaWoman Bootcamp Workout 1

We include for you, the best and only 30 minute bootcamp workout system you will ever need. Designed with every minute carefully selected to get the maximum result possible in the quickest most efficient time. 

Along with the tabbing sessions, this training workout plan is all you will ever need. And, the workouts keeps working for you (burning tons more calories the fitter you get) long after the session is over.

Both sessions are delivered via a unique personal training and coaching workout audios. Therefore you simply follow along as if JJ is personally standing right beside you all the way. Each exercise comes with full training video and instruction demos.

Confidently Predict Your Weight Loss Goal

If your goal includes fat loss we have you covered.

When you start your first mesocycle we will establish  your planned target and your predicted minimum guaranteed 1% weekly Weight drop. This means for the first time you will know exactly what you need to do and you can accurately predict exactly the maximum date when you can expect to hit your weight loss goal.

All you have to do to reach your ideal weight is to simply use the Alphawoman Body System in  repeatable 5 week cycles. This means that  each  5 week cycle will result in you losing a minimum of 5%  of your body weight every time.  You will find yourself quickly progressing to your desired weight loss by your predicted target date or sooner.

Full 4 MONTH Pass To Alpha Body Portal

The Complete Alphawoman 5 Week Course includes the ability to download your full 5 week mesocycle plan.

We also strongly believe in tracking. So week by week we will teach you to sue our fat loss predictor and food and workout tracking to keep you tightly on course. Infact the 5 week mesocycle uses this tracking to ensure you hit your target at the time when we predict you to. This is also what we use if you have any personal questions during your private phone calls as it is the only way we can give you accurate feedback.

For this reason, we include a full 4 MONTH access pass to our Alphawoman Body Training portal (giving you continued access to any updates to the diets, workouts, your fat-loss and fitness tracking, private members FAQ support and much more).

Get Personally Coached By JJ We have a Special One Off Bonus..

Get Personal Advice from the Creator!


In addition to everything above, you are in with a chance to take your course to the next level and get JJ personally to help you.

We are presently giving those who register on the next intake the option to book TWO phone coaching call’s any time during your course to answer any personal questions about the plan.

This is going to be totally free of charge (JJ currently charges the industry upward of £350 per hour.)

BUT, For a limited time, JJ will be making herself available to personally conducting the coaching calls… this means you will be given the rare opportunity to receive not just one, TWO private phone calls (each lasting up 20 minutes) from one of the worlds foremost leading authorities on weight loss, exercise science, military training.

With JJ personally involved in your program and you following her advice, you simply cannot fail!

So what’s the minimum I need to invest in myself to get my own 5 week permanent weight loss & fit body plan?



You can get everything above for just one payment of £395 if you act now.

*Includes your online success training system, fast track audio workouts and the limited offer to receive 2 optional phone calls for personal advice conducted privately with JJ herself.

This is a totally flexible plan and your full training can be accessed any time of the day at any location where you have internet (including your phone).

This means unlike a group bootcamp workout which requires you to attend to get your workout and any help; this new SOLO bootcamp includes our full training course, delivered anywhere in the world to you, any time you need it. Alphawoman’s Body SOLO plan provides full online access to you at home, at work or traveling giving you NO excuses to not hit your goal!

WHAT IF I WANT A PERSONAL OR LIVE COURSE?  Do you have other options?

YES, absolutely .. you can add TWO additional levels of training


Come Join Us In LONDON UK or ROME, Italy!

If you desire some live training, you can supplement your course at any time by attending one of JJ’s live ONE day workshops.

These workshops ARE STRICTLY FOR WOMEN WHO HAVE GONE THROUGH OR IN THE PROCESS OF THEIR 5 WEEK TRAINING and are designed to give you the additional chance to meet with JJ and her team personally, get group coaching and the latest additional tips you can use to enhance your training.


During the workshop  learning how to apply specific tools in the Alphawoman training arsenal and do a live workout session. (full details, upcoming dates and prices available here).


The ULTIMATE VERSION for those wanting to get away from it all and experience our luxury residential service!

If you want to get away from it all you can apply to join one of our 4 Star RETREATS: We offer you the absolute highest level of 5* service and training with JJ and her team of experts by attending our flagship programme. You must apply to join our high end VIP residential 3 day personal training Retreats (we currently hold these up to 4x per year in Austria, UK and Italy). Full board 4-5* residential retreats including the Alphawoman BODY system and personal coaching fees start at just £1995.

Do you feel a live residential  VIP Retreat sounds right for you. For full details go to https://transform2alpha.com/retreat

OKAY.. I Would Like To Start NOW To Get In Shape with the AlphaWoman 5 Week Plan & Weekly Coaching all for only one payment of £395.

What Do I Do Next?




The message here is simple..

After 30 years training soldiers, other trainers, doctors, health professionals, busy housewives and many clients just like you, we know this training FLAT OUT WORKS *. 

* We are so confident.. if you follow the training for 5 weeks EXACTLY as prescribed and you do not achieve a 5% reduction in your body weight at the end of the full programme, we will continue to train you without any additional charge until you achieve the goal. However, if you fail to take our advice and training, we cannot guarantee any result. Is that fair?

(*Please refer to our full terms & conditions for more details).



Alphawoman Body was created by our programme’s founder JJ Armstrong. JJ is a one of the few genuine top industry experts (profile) (Testimonials) who many personal trainers, doctors, health & fitness professionals go to for advice and training.

What we are offering you here, is JJ’s signature 2018 fully revised fat loss and fitness programme.. Alphawoman Body, which will inform you, help you, and guarantee you finally achieve your goal without needing to result to finding another diet or having to search through the mass of information out there. There is no need to be confused about weight loss or fitness, it is not as hard as you think!

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