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BIO TIMELINE For Trade Professionals




    Her career began in the British Army where she was one of just a few women who graduated from the Army School of Physical Training to train soldiers for peak fitness and combat. She spent more than 8 years in the PT Corp as a Physical Training  Instructor, training male soldiers for combat fitness and performance.



    JJ was deployed to several elite corps and units, responsible for preparing soldiers for high end military physical fitness. BATTLE FITNESS: Conducting REAL Boot Camps and Assault Training, JJ ran a tough programme that quickly turned out-of-shape men and women into super fit soldiers. Her interest in the mental side of training grew as she progressed in her career.

  • Personal Training Business with 60 Trainers

    After leaving the army, she built her own personal training business, which quickly grew to a sixty-four member strong personal trainer team. JJ personally coached all her trainers and began a fast-growing new trend “Personal Training” in health clubs and gyms.

    Her company trained 1,000s of clients and members, everyone from celebrities to housewives, in several gyms and health clubs. Many top athletes and professionals have benefited from her company’s unique brand of training. She later sold the business to seek new experiences.

  • NLP, Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis

    NLP, Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis

    During the early 90’s, JJ studied several mind training systems including N.L.P, Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy and Personal Mind Control and applied these principles to her arsenal of mental training tools, which expanded on her Army Special Forces training and a vast amount of acquired knowledge in the field of human influence and tactical mind control.

  • COOPER CLINIC & Aerobics Research Institute - Dallas Texas

    COOPER CLINIC & Aerobics Research Institute - Dallas Texas

    In striving to gain as much knowledge as possible in her field of specialisation, JJ studied at the Research Institute for Aerobics in Dallas, Texas. She learned many new tools there including how to conduct Cardiovascular Stress Testing and became well-versed in Cooper aerobic principles and research findings. Her first experience studying in the United States resulted in JJ being awarded the Advanced Personal Trainer Certification from the esteemed Kenneth Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research.



    Committed to the finding out the world’s best tools for accelerated performance, JJ has extensively studied the works of world leaders in the field, such as Paul Scheele, Tony Buzan, Brian Tracy and Evelyn Wood.

    She began to incorporate mind mapping, speed reading and advanced memory techniques into a unique brand of mental training. JJ later introduced her strategies to a couple of private clients, one of which used these techniques to secure licenses to practice as a physician (medical doctor) and fly planes (pilot).

  • Exercise Science Masters Degree M.Sc.

    Exercise Science Masters Degree M.Sc.

    In a practical example demonstrating how effective her techniques of acceleration learning and super-study system, JJ earned a Master of Sports Science degree in Exercise Physiology from the prestigious United States Sports Academy (USSA) where she graduated with (4.0 GPA) honours in half the normal time.

  • PT Resources - Health Professional Training Site

    PT Resources - Health Professional Training Site

    JJ continues to provide training and business resources to Personal Trainers and Health Professionals through PT Resources (originally formed in 1995). PT Resources is one of the most comprehensive sites of its kind on the web, for all the forms, electronic metrics and associated tools today’s trainer needs.

  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Workshop and Certification Director

    American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Workshop and Certification Director

    Having completed the ACSM Health Fitness Director (the highest Exercise Physiology and Health Management Industry Certification available at the time), JJ went on to run ACSM Certification Courses. It was a concentrated effort to raise the industry standard. It was a concern to JJ that poor qualifications were popping up everywhere, diluting the competence of trainers in the fitness industry.  Later, JJ found other ways to influence industry standards as you will see along this timeline.

  • NY NJ Program Director - National Personal Training Institute

    NY NJ Program Director - National Personal Training Institute

    trainer to trainers, JJ is the former Program Director for the National Personal Training Institute in New York. She led a team of instructors, who delivered and certified trainers in one of the first 500 hours, six-month schools in the USA. JJ  became an intricate part of the expanding company, influencing the curriculum and was a leading instructor for the New York and New Jersey Schools.

  • Professional Continuing Education Courses

    Professional Continuing Education Courses

    An earlier incarnation of the current training systems, Potentialization was delivered in the form of audios and training courses for live groups and online. Bridging science and metaphysics, these featured a mix of physical and mental training tools and addressed specialised topics for developing the full potential self. The audio components of the training included alpha mind programming and binaural beats for switching states, increasing visualisation and incorporating holodynamic principles.

  • New Leaf Physiological Metabolic Testing

    New Leaf Physiological Metabolic Testing

    JJ first became involved with New Leaf technology to provide metabolic testing and accurate metabolic 5 zone training prescriptions for her own trade of professionals and consumers.

    She then joined New Leaf’s training arm, providing training for those who had purchased metabolic testing equipment but did not know how to use it.

    JJ used her scientific knowledge to train sports science and performance institutions, trainers, medical and health professionals so they were able to apply the technology for diagnostics and incorporate it into prescriptions for health, weight loss or sport and athletic performance.

  • Designed 300 hour Personal Trainer Course - Approved by the New York State Education Department

    Designed 300 hour Personal Trainer Course - Approved by the New York State Education Department

    Continuing to improve the standards of the fitness industry, JJ was commissioned by Harry Hanson and his associates to design a 300-hour Personal Trainer Certification Course combining NSCA, ACSM and NASM material for the American Academy of Personal Training, which was licensed and approved by the New York State Education Department.

  • Fitness Industry Education Ltd

    Fitness Industry Education Ltd

    Upon returning to the UK, JJ joined Fitness Industry Education, which later became  She worked for two years as their Course and Programme creator, controlling the content for both the online and workshop course for all levels of YMCA and Active IQ fitness certifications.

    JJ also held lectures, ran the tutor support and management support for the successful delivery of both the workshops and fitness certification programmes.

  • London Womens Bootcamp

    London Womens Bootcamp

    Always an entrepreneur, JJ desired to formulate her functional training system into a brand. This brand grew to include a team of trainers and several locations in London – Mill Hill, Camden and Regents Park.  The London Women’s Bootcamp became a successful enterprise in a crowded market, due to its personalised service and utmost efficiency.

  • Powerfrau Bootcamp International

    Powerfrau Bootcamp International

    JJ decided to later expand her bootcamp internationally and proliferated the brand’s success to include three German bootcamps. Powerfrau Bootcamp was later sold to one of the bootcamp members who following JJ’s advice and mentoring, became the local trainer.



    “COMBAT AGING” version as an adapted basic training course following months of focused research. Designed for those who want to learn some of the skills and tactics that specifically apply to people in midlife to protect against the accelerated aging effects of hormonal changes (namely menopause or andropause for males) whilst being exposed to special techniques and tools only available to JJ’s private clients, secret training retreats and her “Black Ops” VIP systems.

    After years of iterations and testing, the first public launch began early 2022, offering a rare opportunity to train with JJ and follows a series of 5-week paths, to learn “combat aging tactics” via an accelerated physical, mental and life changing from the complete Combat Aging Signature Blueprint.

  • Metabolic Training Expert Series

    Metabolic Training Expert Series

    Based on user interest in PT Resources, JJ decided to develop the Metabolic Training Expert Series. This new series included tools for ACSM accelerated training, VO2 & MET calculations, heart rate precision training, advanced metabolic calculations, exercise science, a library of fitness forms, a complete ‘real body age‘ test and a tool kit.

    These courses were further refined during 2022 and the series improved by adding a “local and remote business launchpad” for those wishing to totally dominate their field offering scientifically advanced metabolic testing and programming for fat loss, peak fitness and physical performance.