Body Circuit Briefing

This is a starter circuit with 3 primary movements for the upper, mid and lower body. It is easy to follow and uses “multi-joint” exercises to enable you to quickly condition yourself for more advanced personal circuits.

Also this simple workout gets you in the habit of toning your body and the best part is you only need around 10 minutes to complete the workout and should only be used no more than 3x per week ie Monday, Wednesday, Friday or if you are 50+ twice a week is sufficient to give you longer recovery time aka time for the body to improve between workouts (this is essential for anyone which is NOT USED TO EXERCISE and especially “older” adults as you will need longer recovery between workouts in order to improve and prevent injury caused by over-training the same body parts.

If you are not confident following any workouts provided please consider contacting us so we can help you by arranging a consultation to get you started (there may be a fee for private consultations) reach out to us to find out more without any obligation!

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