BRIEFING Personal Circuits

Which Workout Level Should I Choose ?

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Exercise HistoryI have not followed a structured exercise plan in the past 6 monthsI am used to exercising but not frequentlyI am an experienced exerciser and workout out at least 2x per week
Resistance TrainingI do not follow a resistance training scheduleI used resistance training / bodyweight exercises in the past but not consistentlyI have a current resistance training workout that I have been following.
Workout experience (resistance training)I would not call myself experiencedI am confident using body resistance training, just out of practiseI am confident with and experienced at resistance training
SUMMARY: If you cannot do at least 12 reps – choose an easier version OR If you can do more than 50 reps without stopping – you should choose a harder level.

YOUR Personal Circuit 5 Week Schedule

How To Know When To Change An Exercise Level

(HOW do I know when an exercise is too easy OR too hard for my current ability)?

EASY! During your PRE-TEST, when you find your maximum repetitions ie how many full CONTINUOUS repetitions you can comfortably complete without breaking form – check the following rules…

I did less than 12 reps = YOU SHOULD CHOOSE AN EASIER LEVEL

I did more than 50 continuous reps in good form! = YOU SHOULD CHOOSE A HARDER LEVEL

I completed between 12 – 50 reps of the exercise = THIS LEVEL IS A GOOD MATCH FOR YOUR CURRENT STRENGTH.

NOTE: Retest every 6 weeks and adjust the exercise accordingly.