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More About JJ Armstrong M.Sc

Bridging the gap between science and spirtuality, JJ Armstrong M.Sc., founder of Transform2Alpha, has a created a comprehensive life mastery blueprint with a military style edge.

JJs career began in the British Army where she was one of just a few women who graduated from the Army School of Physical Training to train soldiers for peak fitness and combat. She spent more than 8 years in the PT Corp as a Physical Training Instructor, training male soldiers for combat fitness and performance.

Her interest in the mental side of training grew as she progressed in her career, spending time serving in the Special Forces, due to her self reliant personality and ability to think on her feet.

Upon leaving the military, she built her own personal training business, which quickly grew to a sixty-four member strong personal trainer team.

Around this time, JJ started a fast-growing new trend “Personal Training” in health clubs and gyms. JJ was the first person to offer this service in the UK and got told „ It will never work“ by one of the biggest health club chains!

But trusting your instincts pays off! JJs company „ Profiles“ trained 1,000s of clients and members – Everyone from celebrities to housewives, in several gyms and health clubs. Many top athletes and professionals have benefited from her company’s unique brand of training.

After getting into personal development through the Nightingale Conant catologue of audio courses, JJ began studying N.L.P, Hypnosis and Personal Mind Control, adding to her library of tools. She began to incorporate mind mapping, speed reading and advanced memory techniques into a unique brand of mental training.

JJ later introduced her strategies to a couple of private clients, one of which used these techniques to secure licenses to practice as a physician (medical doctor) and fly planes (pilot).

Always looking to evolve and have new experiences, JJ sold her business in her 30s to study in the US and become an expat for the first time, an experience she has had in 3 countries so far.

While in the US, JJ proceded to get the type of permatan she’d always dreamed about studying for her master’S degree at the prestigious United States Sports Academy and using principles of accelerated learning to get her degree in half of the regular time, with a 4.0 grade point average. She will also tell other maturpreneurs out there that it is “never too late” to become a student or an expat!

After earning her degree JJ took a position at the National Personal Training Institute in New York. She led a team of instructors, who delivered and certified trainers. She has also had extensive experience teaching new PTs how train people of all ages with acute and chronic health considerations, to prevent injuries JJ enjoyed her time teaching but felt that at her core she was an entrepreneur not an employee.

Once back in London, JJ formulated her functional training system into a brand. This brand grew to include a team of trainers and several locations in London – Mill Hill, Camden and Regent‘s Park. The London Women’s Bootcamp became a successful enterprise in a crowded market, due to its personalized service and utmost efficiency. This was a concept that she would later turn into Powerfrau Bootcamp, a German version of the program.

After selling her bootcamp training system in 2015, JJ decided to take a 2 year break to reflect and spend time working on her ‘flagship’ training. During this time, she has been researching, travelling, and subsequently relocating to yet another new city and preparing the launch of her new project, Transform2Alpha

Like a cross between a personal development programme and Military Special Ops Training, Transform 2 Alpha sends you on a mission to uncover and morph into the idealised version of yourself. The concept stems from JJs vision of an idealised version of you that exists as a guide whom you can communicate with as you apply scientifically based methods to transform your body, mind and life.

Transform to Alpha is the culmination of 30+ years of experience and insights and delivered in the most efficient way possible.

Transform 2 Alpha also offers a “COMBAT AGING” version specifically designed for those in midlife that seek strategies to protect against the accelerated aging effects of hormonal changes (namely menopause or andropause for males) as they are taken through the T2A blueprint.

JJ is currently lives with her partner and their 18 year old African Gray parrot in ROME, Italy and trains clients worldwide via live events, seminars and online group / private coaching.

Like many maturepreneuers JJ realizes that we don’t have forever to become our full potential self and her full potential self “Alpha self” is the one giving others the best and most efficient tools to command their life!