Below is a small collection of common “generic” questions  that come up during our Alpha Squad /Online Body Bootcamp System that you might find helpful…

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What is the Best Way to Guarantee My Weight Loss is Permanent?

Check out this article discussing the problem.. “


What Makes Transform 2 Alpha BODY Bootcamp Different from the Rest?

The T2 Alpha BODY and the Powerwoman Bootcamp combines FOUR targets which result in the optimum fat loss
workout.. “


I am hitting a plateau. What should I do?

Read these 3 tips and use them to overcome a temporary plateau and get your fat loss moving again:


Do you have a list of Protein foods I can use to increase my daily protein?

Use the following link: “


Where is the best place to look up calories in foods

I suggest the following: “


It’s not happening fast enough.. I want to lose weight faster

So it’s not happening fast enough for you? Let’s look at the options.. Not losing Weight Fast Enough? READ THIS “


How do I calculate the calories from a Food Label

Yes, common question. Most labels only give calories and macro-nutrients from 100g of the food. This means we need to work out how much is in the packet to break it down. It’s not hard once you understand how to … here’s your help: “


There are large fluctuations in my weight on the scales – why?

Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal. The important point to remember is to STAY ON THE PROGRAM!

TENDS TO APPLY MORE TO WOMEN… There are several reasons for fluctuations, one of the most common occurs in pre / peri-menopausal women. If this applies to you, read the following: “” menstrual-cycle-and-weigh. For those women who are post menopause, you can get past fluctuations and weight stagnation and we have a specialist course for you -“


How can I find out what diet would work best for me?

Here’s an overview to help you decide what diet to choose.. THIS ANSWERS THE QUESTION “WHAT DIET WILL WORK FOR ME! “


Where can I keep an online food diary?

Well first keep one here in your portal. You cannot beat a PHOTO FOOD DIARY! And at the end of your weight loss you will have fully documented your path which will be invaluable to refer back to if you ever want to lose
a few lbs!

Also if you combine this with the excel food diary in your onedrive resources you can have the day calories counted for you and review the full picture in your statistics chart.

If you want to check out other ideas, Here are my suggestions: “” where-you-can-keep-a-free-online-food-diary


What is the best way to exercise my abdominals?

Your bootcamp workout does this perfectly! Your core abs are constantly under tension – quite simply the most effective way to slim your waist.

If you wish to add more, check out your membership during your 2nd cycle.. you will find a hard hitting ab routine to round off your

Read the following to learn more about how best to tighten your abdominals.. “


To lose weight shouldn’t I concentrate more on cardio training?

Firstly, cardio (CV) training needs to be defined properly. If one is performing 50-60 minutes of CV using the cross trainer, running, cycling etc at the same moderate pace then this is not an effective fat-burning protocol even if one is burning 600 calories. Not only will improvement grind to a halt (through the adaptation response) but more importantly this type of training does not stimulate the powerful fat-burning hormones such as GH and testosterone, and can actually breakdown muscle tissue, resulting in a fall in metabolic rate.

Resistance training, performed correctly, and cardio interval training, are far superior methods of training for burning body fat.

I read somewhere that to burn fat I should do LOW intensity workouts?

It is true that fat oxidation is higher during lower intensity activity but this certainly is not where the story ends. Weight loss is a result of calories burned throughout the entire week, not just what happens during an exercise session.

Studies have indicated there is no significant difference in calories burned 24 hours after a high or low intensity workout and after a period of weeks, no differences were found in total fat burned. HOWEVER, the fundamental difference is that you have to train for LONGER with the low intensity to get the same benefits as the higher shorter intensity sessions.

Studies have also shown that those following a low intensity programme lose muscle mass while those doing high intensity gain muscle mass. Losing muscle mass is NOT a good idea when trying to maintain a weight loss goal! Also this poses the question of loss in weight caused by low intensity being incorrectly attributed to fat loss. You have been warned!


Is There a Difference Between Frozen and Fresh Vegetables?

None in terms of diet. Frozen may be more fresh as they are frozen from source so it also depends on where you are buying your veg ie farmers market veg may be different to supermarket veg. I like frozen as it is always freshly available ready to cook but in season veg can sometimes be much tastier – esp organic.

The only thing I would add is fresh vegetables seem to cook much better than frozen. I find frozen can be somewhat ‘chewy’ and not so  crisp!


I Miss Chocolate and Desserts – Any Suggestions?

Yes. When avoiding sugar, try making a desert using unsweetened cocoa, ricotta cheese, chopped dates or figs etc, or low fat fromage frais, vanilla extract and to a lesser extent sugar substitutes. A piece of dark chocolate is also a good choice now and again.


Is Shellfish Good for Dieting and What about Cholesterol?

For those who are fish eaters and don’t mind the mercury risk… Shellfish is great. All shellfish are low in saturated fat and should not be restricted.

Cholesterol in shellfish has been wildly exaggerated because the sterols they contain are misunderstood. You see they are similar chemically to cholesterol but they actually HELP DECREASE cholesterol levels! In fact lobster has the same amount of cholesterol as skinless chicken


Doesn’t muscle turn to fat if I stop exercising?

Muscle cells are anatomically very different to fat cells. It is IMPOSSIBLE for one to convert into the other. What can change however is body composition – the percentage of muscle and fat can change

When you workout in the bootcamp sessions your muscle cells grow in size, giving a more toned appearance. If you stop the workouts altogether these same cells will begin to shrink.

If you are simultaneously consuming more calories than you use, your fat cells will begin to grow in size. This is what gives the illusion that muscle is ‘turning’ into fat. What is really happening is your composition is changing to a higher percentage of fat and lower percentage of muscle.

Traditional diets without the appropriate accompanying training results in similar changes (less muscle and more fat – what is sometimes referred to as skinny fat)… check out this article for more “


Does Muscle Weigh More Than Fat?

It is almost ludicrous to suggest that one thing ‘weighs’ more than another. One pound of fat weighs the same as one pound of muscle. How on earth can fat weigh more than muscle, or vice versa?

Muscle tissue is denser than fat tissue and this is where the myth emanates. I will give you an example .. 5lbs of fat will be larger in size than 5lbs of muscle, but they still weigh the same. So if a person weighs 140lbs/10 stone and has 20% body fat, they will look smaller and leaner than a person of the same weight with 30% bodyfat. If you are failing to lose ‘weight’ it may be that you are losing fat, and adding muscle tissue, which is denser – so you will be smaller, but weigh the same – this is something I see and hear a lot about in my bootcamps.

It is possible to lose significant ‘size’ in circumferences without much movement on the scales. In fact this is the goal of physical priming to prevent the need for continual dieting.


What is Worse When Trying To Lose Weight – FAT or SUGAR?

Sugar – if you are having problems with stubborn weight or you are insulin resistant (pre-diabetic/diabetic)

Fat – has 9 calories per gram vs. carbs/protein only 4 calories per gram so if restricting calories watch the amount of fat.


What About Fat Loss Drugs?

I could recommend several HARD CORE thermodynamics but the risk/benefit ratio is really ugly!

The potential for addiction (and subsequent extreme, excessive fatigue when you try to stop); organ damage; heart attack risk and lesser known chronic problems such as sinusitis. Your choice but I wouldn’t touch the stuff.

There are some natural supplement stacks which have been shown to help, but again they are not without side effects (read natural does not mean harmless!!). Proceed with caution.


Can I Eat Fried Foods?

Stir fry is good as the calories in the food part is so minimal yet filling you would find it hard to consume a lot of calories even with frying. Also cuisines such as Thai who depend on frying are okay (except battered).

Refried beans are a good stable and very effective for weight loss (filling, slow carb, high fibre). Watch the tin versions as they can come with tons of sodium which can cause bloating.

Lightly Fried eggs are OK but the temperature can damage the good fats naturally found in eggs so you might prefer to keep this cooking method to a minimum. Avoid any other fried foods.


Is Higher Protein Hard on the Kidneys?

First I am not your doctor so if the question is personal, you should consult your doctor not me. If you have a medical conditions of any type, consult your doctor before adopting any ‘extreme’ / non mainstream dieting.

Now for my interpretation of the data… if you do not have a serious medical condition the amount of protein I suggest in the Hollywood
style diets should not hurt you. To date there is no compelling evidence for the protein hurts your kidneys claim. Read paragraph one again.


If I Plan To Excluding Fruit – What About Tomatoes?

Yes although technically a fruit they are fine. Tomatoes contain lycopene so are also considered a ‘super food’! Have them every day if you can.


Why do you focus on shorter workouts for fat loss?

It is about return on investment. In martial arts you can spend weeks learning how to do a spinning back kick, but if I poke someone’s eye or throat in just the right spot it doesn’t matter how big you are, you are going down.

My philosophy in everything I do is always to look for that poke – quick and easy. In other words where can I get the maximum results in the minimum amount of time

Its the old 80/20 principle – I can get 80% of the results, benefits and improvement by doing just 30 minutes of specialised training whereas if I add another 30 minutes to the mix I will only get an extra 20% benefit. Diminishing returns, not worth it for me.

I also get better quality workouts, greater hormonal fat loss response, less risk of injury, greater recovery time (more improvement), less
workout time needed and 80% of the rewards when it comes to fat loss and increasing fitness. It is about taking what we know about exercise physiology and applying it to the 80/20 principle. Quality not quantity – maximum benefits in the shortest amount of time.

The bootcamps follow this principle and can be accompanied by variable intensity training sessions as outlined in the members area to achieve the all-round progressive 3-5 workouts per week.

Related comment on FB: “


Will I have trouble losing weight because of my genetics

Whilst it is true that there is a strong body of research suggesting that weight is largely genetically determined there is also plenty of
evidence to prove that those with obese parents are not overweight themselves.

First, ask could it be the lifestyle of one or both obese parents that is causing the symptoms? In twins (same genes) body composition can be similar however lifestyle factors also play a role.

Scientists have emphasised that a genetic predisposition doesn’t mean a person will become obese. Many people carry these genes and still manage to maintain a healthy weight. Genes can be switched on and off with lifestyle (exercise and healthy eating) being the overriding factor.


I Find Myself Hungry Soon After Eating What Can I Do

Check that you are actually hungry and not just ‘thinking’ food. Lower the carbs in the meals as they are the most likely source. For training
your stomach and mind in this, use the 3FT.. It really is a powerful way of learning whether you are hungry or thinking food!

Shrink your appetite – again using the 3FT . Train yourself to want less.

Protein is the best food to prevent hunger so try switching to a high protein and low carb such as eggs instead of cereal. Experiment!


What About Olives?

Perfectly fine. Olives are as healthy as olive oil and a great source of mono fats.


What about Oils?

For high temperature cooking I suggest a good quality oil such as organic coconut oil or avocado oil or even Ghee or butter (just don’t go crazy on the amounts).

If a stir fry, then stick with the traditional sesame etc oils or try the coconut oil for a change. You don’t need a lot of oil so a stir fry makes a really low calorie meal.

Olive oil is a good choice of course for salads and low temperatures. There is nothing better than a good quality extra virgin olive oil. Buy the oil in dark bottles as it helps to protect it. Flavoured olive oils can add taste to an otherwise bland meal. Also I love truffle oil especially with mozzarella and beef tomatoes!

AVOID anything with ‘hydrogenated vegetable oil’ in the list of ingredients!!


Should I Restrict Carbs Such As Bread, Pasta etc?

No not necessarily. If you are having problems losing fat whilst maintaining strict SEE then you can try removing them and see what

If you are constantly hungry using the SEE then take out these foods. You see other than hunger or insulin resistance (possibly evident by a lack of progress after 2-3 weeks) there is no need to remove these during weight loss.


What is Worse When Trying To Lose Weight – FAT or SUGAR?

Sugar – if you are having problems with stubborn weight or you are insulin resistant (pre-diabetic/diabetic)

Fat – has 9 calories per gram vs. carbs/protein only 4 calories per gram so if restricting calories watch the amount of fat.


What’s the big deal about INSULIN with regards to weight loss and health?

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Is the Fat Burning Zone the fastest way to lose fat?


Here’s why.. “


What Is The Best Way To Stretch After My Workout?

Here is a simple routine you can use which gets the most important joints covered.. “


Does Your Program Work For Older Adults Looking For Anti Aging?

YES, in fact one of our primary plans was designed for middle aged clients who are not interested in aging! The Combat Aging Bootcamp prevents aging and turns your second half of your life into your best years. Read more here – “


Do I have to Exercise To lose weight?

If you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off without having to stay on a diet for the rest of your life.

If you want to look a lot different (think fitter, stronger and healthier) and feel great when you reach your target

If you want to dramatically increase your energy and capability AND be able to consume 500-1000 extra calories per day without gaining weight (this is one of the core differences between our program and other alternatives – we show you how to do this!).

There are SO MANY benefits to exercising using effectively designed workout plans that I could fill several pages discussing them!

So do you have to exercise on our program – absolutely. In fact, we wont tell you how easy it is.. it isn’t. But the results are more than worth the effort you put into your weight loss plan.

Can you lose weight without exercising – yes if you stay on an effective diet plan usually requiring you to keep reducing your food.

However, unfortunately and despite what others might try to sell you – the results will NOT last when you return to a ‘normal’ food intake; and will NOT leave you in the best of shape physically.

If looking good at the beach is one of your goals, forget it.


Are there any foods you suggest to avoid when trying to lose weight?

There are 3 common foods you should consider removing from your diet. Read more here “