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5 day luxury retreat for women over 35

to combat aging and discover your “alpha”

Ready For a Totally Different Type of Vegan Retreat!

The Alphawoman Combat Aging Retreat is the only break of its kind for ambitious women over 35 who need to stay ageless, strong and independent; whilst looking to discover and clarify their future life ambitions in a mind free of limitations.

In short, if you feel you still have untapped potential… and want to see what is truly possible to combat aging and free up your full potential, you need to get on this course! 

We offer you the chance to get away for 5 days not only to train and learn the latest in physical, mental and lifestyle transformation from one of the foremost International experts in her field; but also perhaps more importantly to reconnect and re-energize with yourself in one of the only 100% Bio Organic Luxury 4 Star Hotel’s in the World.

Learn a total life changing system, eat delicious gourmet bio organic plant based cuisine, train and plot the course on how to become ageless and limitless (your ALPHA self).


You - The AGELESS Alpha Version Body. Mind. Life.

Experience the FIRST Combat Aging Retreat for women over 35 to combat aging and  change the course of their lives at Italy’s First 100% Vegan luxury hotel, La Vimea! 

During our retreat at La Vimea, in South Tyrol, we will give you the blue print for your evolution, train you, and kick start your mission to take control of your body, mind and life and command your future. 

Plus our comprehensive follow-up program will help you stay on course and support you through our concept to reality model! 


The Time is Now 

So I am sure you have thought about getting older and perhaps even not wasting your life. You know you don’t have endless time to waste with a mediocre or unhappy life.

What you will leave with at the end of these 5 days will enable you to quickly take control of your life again. Discover how healthy and fit you can be and how you can prevent or reverse the effects of aging and age related diseases; experience how structured your plans in life can be when you know what to do and how to do it – you will feel a sense of control and power like you never had before.

You see, you know what you want, you know what you need to do, you know who you would like to become and now you will finally have a way to bring this to the front of your mind and create a systematic plan that could get you there in the shortest time possible.

where is the retreat held?

Welcome To Your Luxury BioNatural Retreat Hotel

La Vimea

A luxury bionatural 4* Hotel in the Italian Alps, Featuring 100% Organic Vegan Cuisine

  • Combat Aging Retreat
  • Combat Aging Retreat
  • Combat Aging Retreat
  • Combat Aging Retreat
  • Combat Aging Retreat
  • Combat Aging Retreat
  • Combat Aging Retreat
  • Combat Aging Retreat
  • Combat Aging Retreat
  • Combat Aging Retreat
  • Combat Aging Retreat

La Vimea – Italy’s 1st Purely Vegan Bio Organic Luxury Hotel – Adults Only 

You are invited to stay at the exceptional 100% vegan hotel, La Vimea,  and dine on purely organic gourmet food in the unbelievably scenic ambiance that Naturno, with its over 300 days of sunshine per year, provides.

The hotel grows most of its own produce on its own external land in Tuscany, keeping sustainability and its organic farming methods a first priority. Your glutenfree or additional dietary requirements will be handled with ease by the expert cooking staff, that will prepare innovative vegan international dishes for you! 

For women who love a clean yet natural bathing experience, the hotel offers its own private lake and a saltwater pool- Pure enjoyment, no chlorine! Your free usage of the spa facilities are included with your package as well as the bio beauty products in your room. 

Excursions to the picturesque town of Merano, biking, hiking and trekking on easy or challenging paths are simple and fun outings that can round out your Alphawoman retreat – You choose how much you want to explore or relax! 

One thing is for certain : Your stay at La Vimea will something to remember and you have never tasted plant based cuisine like this! 

what will i discover?

how to stop accelerated aging and Operate from AlPHA, the limitless part of yourself

Combat Aging Tools with military precision for: 





Combat Aging Retreat

Become the athlete of your life. Match your ability to the ageless alpha life you want to live.

Combat Aging Retreat

 Stop thinking “old”, develop mental toughness and reverse your aging thoughts. 

Combat Aging Retreat

Define and map your life targets and begin a path to become what you really imagined for yourself!

Combat Aging Retreat

Connect with your ageless limitless Alpha Self and become it, through structured concept to reality model.


First, Alphawoman Combat Aging focuses solely on women over 35 – everything you learn has been tailored specifically to your current position in life.

Transform2Alpha’s Combat Aging Retreats offers professional or ambitious women who want to cut right to the facts and discover the 80/20 minimum effective doses that have been scientifically proven to stop the effects of accelerated aging and set you up to lead a powerful rich purposeful and active, independent life.

T2A Combat (the otherwise inevitable effects of) Aging and life changing retreat offers you a totally new unique theme from the more traditional wellness, self help, yoga breaks.

We arm you with the latest tactical science based evidence in an easy “get to the point” facts you can implement right away. You will learn exactly how to individually train for physical priming using both tactical metabolic fitness and poweragility, alongside a total nature based combat aging diet, mental toughness whilst exploring the outer limits of your life potential (what we call your ALPHA).

We teach the Alpha training system to prevent and where possible reverse the effects of aging so you prepare and learn how to become the athlete of your future planned lifestyle. We will show you how to literally change the expression of your life code!

We use a highly effective strategic approach which will empower the mature woman and lead them toward the life experiments they desire to explore in an ageless body and mind.

If you spend the time digging into the research and you know what you are looking for, there is a wealth of information that tells us exactly what we should REALLY be doing to combat aging and even reverse chronic diseases.

The evidence is clear and cannot be disputed. It is time this evidence reached those who need it most… the mid life adult.


The good news is you do not need to spend many months in research, you will get everything you need during this 5 day retreat including..

  1. What to eat to beat accelerated biological aging
  2. What exercise regime is scientifically proven to bend the curve in physical aging and prepare you for what we call “the athlete of your life” where you can choose 1,000 of dreams and experiments instead of just one.. To feel better and prevent feeling old.
  3. How to use alpha mind programming and brain entrainment to get yourself in peak mental positivity and fitness.
  4. How science is telling us about preventing age related diseases such as diabetes, alzeimers, many cancers, and the deadly syndrome X that put you at the inevitable risk of early mortality.
  5. How using powerful military themed strategies to totally transform your lifestyle now and start getting clear of, and getting what you want.
  6. Discover secret covert skills that can drastically improve your communication with others and protect yourself from the increasing effects of social engineering (these secret tactics will change the way you interact with others).

And much more.


  1.  This retreat is Strictly women only
  2. Is best suited for women over 35 / mature (you do not need to be fit but you should at least desire to adopt an all-round ageless exercise system.
  3. Promotes powerful nature based, whole plant based eating and gives 10% to animal protection and welfare (sorry no meat!)
  4. Gives you secret insights into how a top physical training and mental fitness specialist, ex special forces female scientist approaches ageless living using the latest research combined with 4 decades of in the trenches experience in applying physical priming, mental fitness, life performance skills; tackles and combats aging for herself, her trainers and her private VIP clients.

who is jj armstrong ?



Former British Military Physical Training Instructor and Special Forces Operator. JJ will get you inshape physically, mentally and recreate your life completely!

The creator of the Alphawoman training systems, JJ Armstrong, is a former British Army physical training instructor and member of the elite Special Forces.

She holds a master’s degree in sport’s science and is a leading international trainer and educator. 

JJ has a lifelong obsession with the 80/20 style minimum dose / maximum effect strategies and is an expert at Accelerated Learning .

She deploys these tactics in her presentations by delivering complex topics in a short, usable “here’s what you need to know” format.   

JJ is very passionate about animal rights and the vegan whole food lifestyle for longevity and peak performance after 35.  

what can i expect ?


  • 4 nights, 5 days focused on your personal evolution surrounded by mountains at the 4 star 100% vegan resort La Vimea. You have never had plant-based food and ambiance like this! 
  • A multi-faceted course  only for women over 35, designed with over 30 years of expertise, delivered by JJ Armstrong Msc, trainer to trainers, ex-military and female entrepreneur. 
  • Challenging yet safe individually focused combat aging workouts, relaxation time, training in an anti aging mindset and tactical strategy for women 35+ to effectively make changes in this important part of their life. 
  • Fitness Body, Nutrition & Health Assessment
  • Daily individual consultations to ensure you meet your personal goals
  • Daily vegan whole food breakfast buffet and 100% plant based organic gourmet evening dining
  • Specialist Combat Aging muscle toning, fitness and agility program
  • Training is delivered in English for an international audience, with German speaking staff on the course.
  • Mental fitness for stress release and advanced alpha brainwave technology 
  • Lifestyle design and the life changing Alpha concept to reality model
  • Personality typing and how to put your personal operating system to best use
  • Single occupancy room upgrades available (upon request, only €30/night extra)

is this right for me ?



  1. Women over 35 who want to do the right things physically, or want to kick their training up a notch, or learn how to effectively combat the changes aging brings from one of the true masters in the field, JJ Armstrong, MSc.
  2. Women who find themselves worried about aging and want to protect from and prevent the onset accelerated effects of aging after 40.
  3. Those who enjoy new age philosophy and appreciate the concept of having guidance but would also like a practical, goal centric application for their future vision.
  4. Those who are vegan, vegetarian or curious about science based nutrition and want to try it; or learn the current scientifically backed best foods to stay young, active and beat or reverse many common aging diseases.
  5. Women who are tired of not getting specialized advice for their age group, risking injury by unsuitably qualified people
  6. Women who think or feel they are underestimating what they can achieve!


Women under 35, Or who do not care about the accelerated effects of aging.

Women willing to put up with status quo in their lives, unprepared to do what it takes to make important changes.

Those opposed to plant-based nutrition as path to longevity.

Those opposed to exercise as part of a plan to prevent accelerated aging.

Those looking for quick temporary weight loss who do not care about the health and body aging consequences.

exact location of the retreat



Vegan Hotel LA VIMEA is an upmarket 4-star hotel. A biotique style hotel located in Naturns, Südtirol, Italy. La Vimea was the first hotel of its kind in Italy, offering 100% gourmet vegan and organic local sourced vitality foods. Check out the hotel’s many health features: LA VIMEA

August Kleeberg 7, I-39025 Naturno BZ, South Tyrol, Italy

ready to become ageless?

How do I join the Alpha Combat Aging Retreat? 

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