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Here's What People Have To Say... JJ ARMSTRONG  M.Sc : International Training, Lecturer & Consultant

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From One Teacher To Another

I am inspired to write this letter acknowledging JJ Armstrong for being such a contribution to the educational experience at The National Personal Training Institute.

I had serious trepidation about returning to a school environment and making a drastic career change at my age. Not only did she help me to become an excellent student, her encouragement fostered a sense of possibility for success in a new career.

If teaching were only a matter of imparting information, anyone could do the job. It takes someone with a special talent to reach the minds of their students and inspire curiosity, intrigue.. a sense of awe.

At all times JJ captured every ones attention, made learning simple, opened imaginations, instigated debate, and delivered such clarity each and every lesson. She delivered difficult material by breaking the information into manageable bits, bringing it all together as does a conductor reaching that final crescendo or AHA!

Having taught for nearly ten years myself, I honor what it takes to be an outstanding professional. JJ Armstrong is among that rare bread of teachers – a natural teacher!

Very truly yours,
Cathie Bell,
New York NY

Quotes from JJ Armstrong’s Courses and Seminars

JJ is an amazingly well qualified instructor in personal fitness training, metabolism improvement, cardiovascular foundation building and nutritional advocacy.
I learned so much under JJ that I was able to immediately open my own business “Human Fitness Technologies, Inc. “ and manage it successfully and profitably.
Her unique approach to metabolism control is utterly fantastic. I could not recommend anyone more highly. And success has not tainted, Ms. Armstrong. She is still humble aren’t the great ones always like that.
Jan Rovelli, New York, USA

To be totally honest the highlight of the FIE course was actually learning from yourself as you clearly have in depth knowledge of the subject and can deliver.

Stephen Aish, Training Director London Kettlebells

At all times JJ captured everyone’s attention, made learning simple, opened imaginations, instigated debate and delivered such clarity each and every lesson.

JJ Armstrong is among that rare breed of teachers..a natural.

Cathie Bell, New York USA

It would be easier to take the light out of the moon than to simply put into words how much I appreciate what you’ve taught and shared.

You are the best teacher on the planet.

Victoria De Luna, New York USA

I have had many personal trainers and mind/body teachers in my time, but JJ is in a league of her own.

Anna Korab, Melbourne Australia

JJ is a remarkable instructor. She successfully links classroom theory with practicality in training. I received a great amount of personal fulfillment as a student on her course. The knowledge and techniques that she demonstrates are immeasurable. JJ is quite honestly the very best of all! I went on to book all of her 8 specialist personal training courses.

Dan Liberino, New York USA

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JJ’s TWO Week Crash Course Gets Me In Shape For My Wedding


I left a lot to the last minute with my wedding, hair make-up AND my body

I’d been trying to get healthy- swimming and also regularly attending JJs’ NW1 Camden bootcamp twice a week for about two months and already noticed a difference but I was still worried I was looking fat for my wedding with a poking out belly in my very fitted wedding dress.

I am so pleased I approached JJ about this, when I was despairing I had left it too late. JJ helped me make a plan for exercises and eating for the two weeks before my big day in addition to my own regular swimming routine.

I found I could stick to the eating plan and be satisfied with what we put down, eggs for breakfast, salad and fish and fruits, nuts and lots of water. And after a while too results were obvious and transformation was remarkable.

I looked glowing, my stomach and bloating went down in the first days, and I had become leaner and much more energetic. I have to admit it was hard work, but I really applied myself and the results were worth it. And more than that, I really enjoyed the running and exercise I did with JJ when we met for a personal training session.

I lost around 3/4 of a stone in two weeks and looked fantastic for my wedding and all my photos. I would really recommend making a programme with JJ if you have an event be it wedding or anything else and you really want to look and feel your best and be healthy. And I’m really looking forward to applying all I have learnt now I have got married!

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JJ Armstrong’s Signature Group Training Camps





Testimonials London Bootcamp for Women Regents Park, Camden, Mill Hill and Powerfrau Bootcamp Germany

A few testimonials copied directly from members of the Power Woman Bootcamp brand including the London Women’s Boot Camps and Powerfrau Bootcamp’s Germany.

Jenni Magloire writes 

I started boot camp 4 weeks ago and can honestly say that I did not think it would work for me. I was very nervous and could not really see how such a short period of exercise was going to help. JJ was very encouraging and that put me at great ease.

Since joining my opinion has changed completely. Yes it is a very intense session, but you begin to feel the benefits after a few weeks.

Combined with a healthy diet I have lost a stone and a half and my fitness levels have increased. I started off not being able to do many of the exercises very well but week by week my confidence has grown which has given me the incentive to do exercise in between.

The benefits of this group – classes are very small and the girls are friendly, nobody is showing off but more so encouraging each other.The instructors give a very personal feel and are able to guide and advise as you go along and always answer any queries via email/telephone.I would say if you are thinking you cannot do it, believe you me you can. If I can anyone can!!! I still have a very long way to go but feeling very determined.

Diane Curtis writes

After years of doing the rounds of gyms, keep fit classes and going it alone I have finally found an exercise regime for me that ticks all the boxes.

I joined bootcamp with a little trepidation wondering if this would be any different and I’m so glad I did!

Only 2 half hour sessions a week and after 6 weeks I can really see a difference in my body tone and strength. It’s hard work, intensive but its so effective and worth the effort and the 30 minutes goes by so quickly! Afterwards I really feel like my body has had a thorough work out.

JJ really puts you through your paces and is very attentive, her constant monitoring to make sure you’re doing things right, keeping you focused and her encouragement and dedication is so motivating. It’s like having your own personal trainer.

The group are lovely too, there is a great team spirit as we all work together which creates a really good atmosphere.

The best thing about bootcamp for me though is I really enjoy it and never want to miss a session.

I absolutely love bootcamp, it’s fast, fun and you get great results, keep up the good work JJ!

Sarah Simons writes 

The bootcamp suits me very well for many reasons as follows, in no particular order :-

  • It’s perfect timing to fit in before work and as it’s only half an hour, it’s fast and fun.
  • The setting is amazing in Regents Park so you feel great afterwards from both the exercise and being outdoors.
  • The exercises are not killers, they are hard enough but don’t exhaust you. They are effective, after only a few weeks, I am toning up nicely and certainly feeling the difference.
  • I like the fact that there’s not too many of us and JJ changes it each time to keep us on our toes.

In summary, thumbs up!

Nicola Hussey writes

I knew when I signed up to do 30 min bootcamp twice a week that I could be expected to be pushed hard and indeed I am but in the nicest possible way!

The sessions are varied, consisting of shuttle runs and a variety of resistance exercises within a circuit. I won’t beat around the bush, it’s pretty tough but as it only lasts 30 minutes you tend to give it your all and I’m sure I’m starting to see results already, especially around my upper arms.

JJ is approachable and very encouraging plus exercising in the natural beauty of Regent’s Park certainly inspires.

Looking forward to being toned and body beautiful for the summer!

Aurora Bankhead writes:

I thoroughly recommend Camden Boot Camp for it’s versatility, community spirit and results!

I’ve lost weight (about a stone) doing the Boot Camp but more importantly I have become truly fit. I used struggle to run for a bus and now I can run for 30 mins non-stop. I also thought I would need a boob job but from doing the resistance training on the Camden Boot Camp, I have gained perky boobs and confidence.

The 30 minute sessions are challenging and the girls who do the camps are the nicest ever! JJ taught me sense regarding my diet and I’ve left all the gimmicks behind.  I’m in my best shape ever from doing this class and I have met many good friends in the area.

The Boot Camp builds your core fitness and then you find yourself wanting to do even more. From not being able to run for a bus to working towards my first 10k, the Boot Camp is a life changing thing!

Laura Flint writes:

I’m now in to my 2nd month at Boot Camp and I’m really enjoying it. The sessions are varied so it never gets boring and they are designed to work every part of your body. The fact that the sessions are only half an hour makes it really easy to fit it into a busy lifestyle, and if you’re worried that you can’t really achieve much in half an hour, think again. It’s non-stop, high energy and you really do feel like you’ve had a proper work-out at the end.

It’s a really relaxed environment and everyone is very welcoming, the fact that the group is female only is really great for your confidence. The group size is small enough to feel like you are really getting personal attention from the trainers (which makes it great value for money, especially compared to personal trainer rates). Catherine and JJ always make sure they have an eye on everyone, checking that you’re using the equipment correctly and getting the most out of each station. And there’s nowhere to hide in a small group which is great because it really makes you push yourself.

Changes aren’t instant, but like anything, you have to work at it. I’ve lost 3 pounds so far, which might not sound like a lot, but I am really pleased. It’s not just about weight loss though I have visibly toned up all over (particularly on my thighs, bottom, upper arms and love handles) and I feel so much fitter. I have also noticed a difference in my performance at the sessions. I’m stronger and have much better stamina. Furthermore, my family and friends have noticed a difference even my hard to impress sister admits I look slimmer!!

I’d definitely recommend Boot Camp to others, it easily fits in with a busy lifestyle, it’s great value for money, and if you work hard, you will get results!

Note To Laura:

I have one comment which might help.. The weight loss of 3 lbs does not give a full picture of what is happening. You will be changing shape, getting leaner and increasing muscle tone and density which actually adds weight on the scales. Total body fat loss will be much higher than 3 lbs, hence why you and others can notice a difference in the way you look! Keep it up.





Comments taken from anonymous lecture & workshop evaluation forms

(shows what people really think as they do not need to disclose their details on the form!)

  • Great credentials, education and mastery of the subject matter.
  • Knows her stuff.
  • Excellent.
  • She’s more than I expected.
  • She doesn’t just give answers to questions, but makes the student arrive at the answer his/herself.
  • Very knowledgeable and thought provoking. She knows how to catch your interest.
  • She is extremely knowledgeable on all Personal Training subject matter. She is also polite and courteous.
  • Very intelligent, experienced, approachable and helpful.
  • Very highly prepared individual in this field.
  • Overall, instructor has a wealth of information that I feel would be better shared over a year long program.

Testimonials from JJs Personal Trainer Business

JJs Personal Training Company consisted of a team of trainers whom she personally taught to deliver a very specific form of training with close monitoring of progression.

She ran a tight ship.. here is a collection of testimonials received by JJ and her team of trainers (taught to deliver JJs unique training system to her clientèle)

I would like to endorse the fitness programme. I find it an extremely well run and controlled system. The individual coaching and progression makes the targets set attainable and the system is set to enable participants to reach achievable targets without unnecessary excessive efforts.
Raymond H. Slater, Orpington Kent

I joined the programme with a view to taking some much needed exercise in civilised and pleasant surroundings. I quickly discovered, at my first assessment how unfit I had become.

Age: 43
Weight: 14 stone 5 lbs
Waist: 38 inches
Fitness Level: 29%

Now I am fitter and healthier than I have been since my early twenty’s and although a year older, can now boast;

Age: 44
Weight: 12 stone 9 lbs
Waist: 34 inches
Fitness Level: 73%

To achieve this involved hard work on my part, but I am adamant this would not have been but for the dedication and interest of the training team. Never once have I considered giving up, mainly because I have found my weekly routines varied and interesting and always achievable and within my new found capabilities. This is something I have never found in any other forms of exercise or sports in which I have participated in the past.

I congratulate you for keeping me AT IT when many of my friends and colleagues were certain I would quit. I recommend your training to anyone at any time.

NB: I was prescribed tablets to control high blood pressure. After having to take the medication for 11 years, I was able to discontinue this treatment as a direct result of your programme and training!

Richard Jonas, Orpington Kent

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to acknowledge that your company training programmes are continuing to make me more aware of sensible, healthy living.

The schedules are fully explained by an alert and knowledgeable team, simple to follow and graded routines provide a constant measure of one’s improving strengths.

I would not hesitate to recommend such training programmes for anyone who recognises the need to be sensibly fit and healthy or feels an urge to attain higher peaks of fitness.

Russell Bowie, Business Director

I found the course very knowledgeable, and my trainer helped me alot with the exercises. I found everyone in the team to be very helpful and friendly, because as you enter the gym you need to be made to feel relaxed because it looks very difficult if you have not entered a gym before.

Thank you all very much.

Tricia Parodi, Kent.

Since embarking on a course the progress I have made is beyond my expectations. My aims were originally to increase my fitness and improve specific areas such as leg endurance and over body strength. I achieved all of this on completion of a gold course (3 months), seeing my trainer twice a week.

On expiry of the gold course I immediately continued further training with my trainer, this time seeing him once a week (progressive course). I am currently following this type of training as I feel that I only require his tuition once a week in order to give me that extra push and to ensure against incorrect exercise technique.

I felt that within the gold course he had taught me motivation and enough exercise routines that would enable me to adequately and competently train on my own.

It has given me great pleasure to monitor my progress in all areas and watch it increase week by week. I always look forward to my sessions with my trainer as I know he will always instruct me to train optimally.

Tina Thomas

I dropped into your programme having been booked in by my wife for a an assessment session. At the time I was 49 years old, 13 stone in weight, my blood pressure was on the high side of normal (161/100).

Today I am unfortunately still 49 years old but now weigh 11 stone 11 lbs, my blood pressure has dropped to 143/91 and I feel better physically and mentally.

Training is of course important for active sportsmen / women but could be a matter of life or death for the over 45’s, so long as the training is conducted professionally and is within the capabilities of the trainee nothing but good can come of it. I found the training here to be conducted professionally and is designed to benefit the needs of the individual taking into account their fitness and any injuries they may carry and their training aims. This and the friendly atmosphere they maintain make it a pleasure to sweat it out at your training facility.

B. R. Spencer  Lee, London.

I should like to express my personal thanks to JJ for the tuition given to me since joining your programme.

Upon my retirement this year, after many years traveling the world, and perhaps leading a sedentary life, with much entertainment, I felt that I needed to get some body fitness in order to lead a more active retirement, where Golf is one of my passions.

I can honestly say, that I now feel one thousand percent fitter, I have lost weight, particularly where it mattered, that is 3.5 inches from my middle, I am not out of breath any more, and find it no trouble to go 36 holes of golf in one day.

More importantly, I had been on Beta Blockers for high blood pressure for over 7 years, and have found that within 3 months of joining your course for personal tuition, my Doctor reduced these, and after 4 months they were no longer needed as my blood pressure remained normal.

I shall now continue to look forward to a much happier and healthy life, where coming to the fitness session once or twice a week, are part of a fuller time interspersed with walks, and of course about golf two or three times during the winter months and more during the summer.

Once again, Thank you.

Dr. Norman Dyer, Consultant Retired.

I am writing to you to express my considerable appreciation from the series of courses I have taken with you. I have over the last six months been on both a platinum course followed by a gold course. My obvious intention was to get to a reasonable stage of fitness before advancing age and weight both combined to make this impossible!

This aim has been achieved to a degree that I would not have thought possible at the start of the course.

I have never undertaken anything of this nature in the past and certainly approached it with some trepidation. Your method of conducting the courses, attention to detail and the constant monitoring at every stage soon dispelled any concerns and instilled great confidence.

I must thank you for continuously pushing and encouraging my every effort. The ever friendly and helpful manner have largely contributed to the success I feel I have achieved.

E. J. Lawrence, Chartered Quantity Surveyor.

New Found Fitness for Women Over 65 …

MADGE 68 years




Orpington, Kent

Here is a testimonial from someone who had never previously followed any structured exercise until now.. at the age of 67.

My introduction to the programme was an attempt to find a solution to my concern for an accumulation of stress, high blood pressure, overweight, reducing flexibility and general lack of fitness resulting from a dramatic change from active to sedentary work of a stressful nature. Injuries sustained in the past had reduced mobility. Consultations in America and England had produced no significant results.

The assessment with your training company I found thorough and exactly what I required as a basis for a personalised exercise programme. Since then, careful monitoring by my trainer keeps me constantly aware of my commitment to my programme which is extending as I progress. The wide range of the programme, including diet and lifestyle, is extremely helpful.

I cannot commend too highly the attitude of the staff whose warmth and optimistic approach is positive and confidence building. I have recommended others to embark on a course with your company and intend to enroll for another myself when my present course finishes.

MADGE  [68 Years]

Here is another transformation made possible by JJs specific programme for the older adult. Take a look at this before and after photo of Madge (68 yrs old) another client from JJs training system:


Working In Tango with Medical Professionals

JJ Has Worked on Wellness Issues of Clients in Conjunction with GPs, Physicians, Consultants and Specialists.

I have known JJ Armstrong in a professional capacity for eighteen years.

During which time I have found her work as an Exercise Specialist to be thorough in all aspects of wellness and health related fitness, providing a service which has integrity and a leading example of sound liasons between doctors of the medical profession and exercise specialists.

I have no hesitation in recommending her company to my patients for exercise prescription.

Dr R P D’Silva, Harley Street LONDON


JJ Generates 34,000 New PT Income to a Small Health Club in 1989


Today you will find Personal Training in almost all health and fitness clubs. This was not always the case. In fact when JJ was trying to expand her business into other clubs as early as the mid eighties she was met time and time again with the same resistance it is not possible to charge existing members, who I don’t think will pay for an additional service.

One small club in Chelsea was a little less skeptical and decided to hire JJ as a Consultant to improve the services and running of the struggling health club. Here is the testimonial showing the results of their forward thinking.

In November 1989 JJ worked with NGH Leisure Club where she was hired as a Consultant to improve the services and running of the Health Club. During this time JJ recruited and trained a new team of staff, and appointed a new manager (specifically trained by JJ) this resulted in an immediate increase in memberships.

JJ also redesigned the gymnasium services i.e. programmes, assessments, and procedures. Up until JJ was hired, we had experienced constant staffing problems i.e. short term employment, regular changes in instructors (causing upset among members). However once appointed and trained by JJ, staff remained with the club for a minimum of 2 years due to the constant appraisal, training and motivation schemes she put in place.

JJ introduced a whole new area of income to the club by incorporating her Exercise Management System Courses which generated 34,000 GBP in the first year for which the club received 70%.

Today four years later we still run exercise management courses and still employ members of the original recruitment programme. We would like to thank JJ for her services.

Nina Faidhi, Director NGH Health & Leisure Club

In 1993 and off the back of this success, JJ was able to convince others to ‘take a risk’ with the programme.

We have recommended Exercise Management Systems under the direction of JJ Armstrong to run the gymnasiums on behalf of the owners of several of our clubs.

During which JJ not only saved money on staff costs, in addition JJ generated extra revenues for both the club and themselves.

Notably a revenue of 5,000 – 8,000 per month was generated at Profiles Health & Leisure Club from a new gym service sold to existing members. 2,000 – 4,000 per month was generated in the smaller clubs these revenues were in addition to increases in areas of income ie memberships, classes etc.

JJ has identified a new and innovative service which she is able to promote to members of a health club to both satisfy the needs of the members and generate a new income for the club she now has years of experience in the field of Personal Training Service Plans.


We recommend any club who is intending to incorporate additional fee paying services within their gymnasium to learn from the experience and success of JJs programme.

Mr. J V Neville-O’Brien, Retired Managing Director LEISURE FINANCE PLC


We have tried to give references to provide a general overview of the different facets of JJs work in the industry following her Army Physical Training Military Career.

JJ has been referred to as a visionary who remains ‘way ahead of the game’, on the cutting edge of Physical & Mental Training; often able to predict and engage in the next trend long before it becomes mainstream (these are just a sample testimonial to such events).


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