The Scope of the Metabolic Calculations Course

Having completed step one – finding the persons Vo2 Max, we can now move to step 2 and use this statistic along with their bodyweight to calculate their Metabolic predictions and targets.

Step 2:

Use a combination of the following depending on what you need to know:

1. METs (what intensity they should work at)
2. WATTs (setting ergometer to the correct intensity)
3. KCALS (energy output for weight loss and motivation)
4. HR Zones (for variable intensity programming and athletics)
5. A Series of Advanced Scientific Metabolic Calculations
(predicting a variety of exercise programs detailing speeds, gradients, distances and durations etc)

In this course, we cover the metabolic equations and program design to prescribe accurate custom metabolic programming for each individual client.

Want To Use Metabolic Equations With Your Clients?

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