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For Gyms, Health Clubs, PT’s/ Sports Coaches

Real Body Age Professional Kit


Limited Availability!

  • Comprehensive Set of Assessment Forms, each professionally designed for you!

  • Detailed Computed Result Sheet

  • Plug and Play Assessment Calculations and Equations

  • Strength & No Strength Online Printable Scores

  • Metronome MP3 For Step Test & Endurance

  • Client Progress Tracker Forms

  • Full Tutorials, and Ready To Go Documentation

Start Real Body Age Testing:

from  $49

Minimum Level:

Qualified Personal Trainer

  • Vo2 Testing and Prescription,
  • METs Programming,
  • Heartrate Zones for Weight loss, Vo2 Fitness and Athletic Performance
  • Advanced ACSM Metabolic Equations
  • Exercise Science and Metabolic Testing
  • Advanced Exercise Physiology for Trainers
  • Precision Remote Exercise Prescription
  • and much more.

One Year Member:

$3000 $1495


Certified Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiology Coaches / Clinics

Learn To Compute Vo2 Metabolic programming including: 
  • What speed they can walk and run and how long they are likely to be able to keep it up for
  • How long it will take them to cover any distance
  • How many calories they will individually burn doing any activity
  • What speed and incline to prescribe to set the treadmill to exercise them at any intensity
  • What sports they are fit enough for and what they would not be capable of performing well in (sport has two physical factors – skill + fitness).
  • What speeds and watts (intensity) would be suitable for them when cycling
  • Create a full 5 zone heart rate training guideline for them
  • Tell you what intensity they are likely to become anaerobic
  • Create a suitable energy balance program using energy equation tactics
  • Prescribe training systems for ANYONE without having to meet them!

One Year Member:

$299 $199

until December 30th


Certified Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiology Coaches / Clinics

  • Fitness Asssessments
  • Health Assessments
  • Heartrate Zones
  • Exercise METABOLICS
  • Business Forms
  • AND more…

Monthly Subscription:



Beginner to Intermediate

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