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Women only

Women only

Real Food

Real Food

Live Training: Learn The Alpha System

Live Training: Learn The Alpha System

Live Outdoor Group Session

Live Outdoor Group Session

Maximum Fitness Priming

Maximum Fitness Priming

What Is AlphaWoman BODY 5 Week Course?

Our Transform2Alpha (T2A) 5 week Alpha Woman body course teaches you how to use military precision so you hit your target in the quickest time possible. The AlphaWoman BODY system has been refined for 30 years, using a simple repeatable “mesocycle”, that gives you the knowledge of how to get and stay in shape for a lifetime.

Your group course starts off with a live training day to learn how to do the special system. Also you receive a PERSONAL consultation with JJ the course creator who will personally customise the training to your individual fitness level and circumstances. Finally, you will get special access to take part in 5 live group coaching calls over 5 weeks to ensure your success. The women on our course come from all over the world and the programme is held in English. 

We will push you hard enough to see a result, but do so safely. You will learn how to achieve the most efficient result possible in our inspiring group dynamic. 

In order to maximise your progress, for a limited time, we also offer you not one, but two private consultations with our founder who is based in Vienna and London.  You will find these sessions invaluable, as you discuss all the unique aspects of your goal, receive a specialised diet, and walk away knowing exactly what you need to do independently. 

In addition to all this, we also give you access to our online portal with additional target specific workouts, diet tracker, progress tracker and much more – When you follow the system as given, you can expect to lose any excess fat at a minimum rate of 5% of your total body weight with every five week cycle you do. 

BUT THIS IS THE BEST PART… Once you have conditioned yourself to what we refer to as “physical prime”,  you will be able to consume 500-1000 extra calories daily without gaining weight, due to your state of advanced physical “priming” and new base fitness.

Plus, you would have learned how to independently get back on track anytime you need to. It’s knowledge for the rest of your life!

Our Course Motto “Do it right. Do it once”. 

Who Is The T2A Alpha Woman BODY Course For? Ideally you must currently exercise or be looking to start. Alpha Body is for:

Women looking to learn how to tone up, become fitter and be taught how to lose weight and keep it that way, forever - WITHOUT staying on a 'diet'.
Women who want to learn a 5 week scientific military style system in English from a top International Body Consultant in a personal training group at a discounted price.
Those looking to benefit from 30+ years of experience in body transformation and metabolic science.


You will join a small group of like-minded women here in Vienna, or begin a live private course where you will be taught a 5 week system for permanent physical transformation.

Your course begins with a One Day Intensive Training (either part of your chosen group course or individually with our platinum course) where you will learn the intricate details of your fat loss and fitness transformation.

Then you will start your 5 week plan, which you can easily work into your weekly schedule. Every week you will be invited to attend a live group call where you continue to be taught through diet, exercise, and mental fitness how to get into the best shape of your life physically and mentally.

You will also be given a your workout RT band and accessories and online resources to use and follow during this 5 week period to maximise your success.



This 5 week system (called the Alpha Body 5 Week Mesocycle) uses advanced military precision providing the solution to transform your body and stay in optimum physical condition regardless of age. Alpha Body was created from 30 years of experience training soldiers, athletes and educating 1,000’s of health professionals and personal trainers.



You also be offered the opportunity to begin with a private consultation with JJ, the founder of the system, who will personally assess and discuss your goal and current level. You will attend the live One Day Training here in Vienna (or if you prefer, begin the 1:1 platinum level via privately booked sessions).



During your one day live training, in addition to learning exactly how to do the course, you will also receive your ‘training kit’ plus instructions on how to access and use your online training support portal, where you will find everything you need to accomplish your goal.

The complete ‘mesocycle’ lasts 5 weeks. You will have the chance to book another private consultation session with JJ at the end of your course, to set up you up for the future.

At the end of your course you should expect to look and feel VERY different including up to 5 Kgs lighter, more toned – but MORE IMPORTANTLY.. finally feel in control.

This system has the exact same precision as used by Army Physical Training Instructors on soldiers.. When you have to get soldiers in peak shape quickly you cannot fail. Additionally, JJ is one of the few females ever to train soldiers for combat-ready fitness.

Vienna Body Course


As you are probably aware, it is very rare for anyone to promise a guaranteed result. However, we have been perfecting this system for over 30 years and can guarantee the result.

Therefore, if you have a specific event you need to prepare for, and you follow the alpha body plan as instructed, you can be assured you will hit the predicted target that we give you.

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.. You Will Be Personally Trained By The Founder of Alpha Body JJ Armstrong M.Sc

JJ is highly regarded as one the world’s top international physical and mental training consultants, many trainers turn to for advice. A former Army Physical Training Instructor / Special Forces with a Masters Degree in Exercise Science, JJ has led top worldwide training programmes and teams for 30+ years.

Additionally, she has designed curriculum’s, lectured and certified 1,000’s of personal trainers and health professionals, demonstrating her extensive applied knowledge as an Exercise Scientist.

For a limited time, JJ has decided to personally conduct the launch of both London and Vienna based courses, which provides a cost effective, rare opportunity to train individually with her.

Featured Transformation

body transformations 4
  • After years of doing the rounds of gyms, keep fit classes and going it alone I have finally found an exercise regime for me that ticks all the boxes. I joined with a little trepidation wondering if this would be any different and I’m so glad I did!

    Although workouts are only half hour sessions, after 5 weeks I can really see a difference in my body tone and strength. It’s hard work, intensive but its so effective and worth the effort and the 30 minutes goes by so quickly! Afterwards I really feel like my body has had a thorough work out. JJ really puts you through your paces and is very attentive, her constant monitoring to make sure you’re doing things right, keeping you focused and her encouragement and dedication is so motivating. It’s like having your own personal trainer.

    The group are lovely too, there is a great team spirit as we all work together which creates a really good atmosphere.

    Diane Curtis, London, UK

  • JJ is an amazingly well qualified instructor in personal fitness training, metabolism improvement, cardiovascular foundation building and nutritional advocacy. I learned so much under JJ that I was able to immediately open my own business “Human Fitness Technologies, Inc. “ and manage it successfully and profitably.

    Her unique approach to metabolism control is utterly fantastic. I could not recommend anyone more highly. And success has not tainted Ms. Armstrong. She is still humble; aren’t the great ones always like that.

    Jan Rovelli, New York, USA

  • I am so pleased I approached JJ about this, when I was despairing I had left it too late. JJ helped me make a plan for exercises and eating for the two weeks before my big day in addition to my own regular swimming routine. I found I could stick to the eating plan and be satisfied with what we put down, eggs for breakfast, salad and fish and fruits, nuts and lots of water. And after a while too results were obvious and my transformation was remarkable.

    I looked glowing, my stomach and bloating went down in the first days, and I had become leaner and much more energetic. I have to admit it was hard work, but I really applied myself and the results were worth it. And more than that, I really enjoyed the running and exercise I did with JJ when we met for the training session. I lost around 3/4 of a stone in two weeks and looked fantastic for my wedding and all my photos. I would really recommend making a programme with JJ if you have an event be it wedding or anything else and you really want to look and feel your best and be healthy. And I’m really looking forward to applying all I have learnt now I have got married!

Vienna Body Course

Age Is No Barrier!

There is good reason why JJ Armstrong’s specialist training system is called COMBAT AGING which she delivers via here flagship Transform 2 Alpha. In essence she teaches that it is never too late to do something about your fitness, body weight or health. In fact for those reading this who are 40 or over, she will emphasize how it is essential for you to learn how to take control of your body and health before aging takes control over you!

So if you are hesitating, fill out the application form to get on a call with JJ to find out what you need to do to begin taking back control. You can also listen to JJ being interviewed on a recent podcast for mature women – click or download below to listen now.


WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED, SO WE HAVE INCLUDED EVERYTHING USUALLY ONLY AVAILABLE @4X THE COST! You are in good hands. You will be getting the best. Our live course includes:

2 Private Consultations with JJ

2 Private Consultations with JJ

TWO consultations with JJ to personally discuss your goals are included as part of your 5 week course (these consultations normally cost €295 /40 minutes each). These personal consultations provide the chance to have your questions answered, come up with a custom weekly plan / best diet strategy for you, and set you up with everything you need to accelerate your progress independently, now and in the future!  The first consultation is during week one and the second during the final week of your course.

ONE DAY Live Training

ONE DAY Live Training

You will attend a One Day Live Training With JJ here in Vienna (usually held at the weekend). The training on how to use the system will be a combination of physical training and the Alpha fat loss blueprint. You will learn how to adopt a unique scientific method developed over 30 years of field research and application; which enables us to guarantee a targeted physical transformation.

Exclusive Personal Training Sessions Conducted via Audio

Exclusive Personal Training Sessions Conducted via Audio

You have complete flexibility when following your system. We include two powerful personal training sessions conducted directly through your audio device. These highly motivational sessions are just like JJ is right there coaching and encouraging you through your personal workouts.

Additional Home Equipment - Everything you need is provided

Additional Home Equipment - Everything you need is provided

We will give a complete complimentary training kit to use during your solo practise sessions.

Complete Online Training To Support Your Course

Complete Online Training To Support Your Course

This provides you with everything you need to support your weight loss and training. Each week you will be given on exactly what you need to do and the resources you will use to follow the plan. This includes all your physical sessions, diet blueprints and tracking resources to succeed.

Track your progress, find your additional demonstrations, master your antiaging health food system – It’s all here.


Next Step Simple! Get Yourself On The Next Available Personal 5 Week Course

Personal Training Group Course
VIENNA, Austria

Only 8 Clients Accepted Per Course



London, UK


  • One Day live Training with JJ, 
  • PLUS for a limited time, 2 personal (1:1) consultation sessions to customise your plan.
  • Special access to 5 weekly group coaching calls to answer all your questions as you move through the training.
  • Full access to the secret 5 week online mesocycle vault with everything you need with additional targeted workouts/diet tracking system, training videos and diet resources including the “Fat Loss Blueprint”
  • Your own personal workout kit.

INVESTMENT: (valued at well over 1500,00)

ONLY 497

all inclusive SPECIAL limited Offer

Private PLATINUM 1:1 Course
VIENNA, Austria

Your Personal Course can start immediately subject to availability. JJ only accepts 5 private clients at any one time, so you need to contact us for current availability.

We will book ahead and schedule a total of 12 private consultation sessions over your 5 week course. In addition you have full access to the online training portal with additional tools, demonstration videos, diet tracking etc., and will receive your own home / travel training kit.

€2,995 (FULLY personalised VIP private training sessions)

Please contact us for availability and to schedule a personal “is this a good fit” chat with JJ – CLICK HERE

Faq’s Frequently asked questions


Do you also have a course for men?

Of course. You should choose the private consultation option. Our group course is for Women only.


What if I cannot attend a live course?

No problem. We offer the EXACT same course Worldwide via our exclusive online group coaching version. Complete the following personal quiz to see if this will work for you. CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE YOUR QUICK QUIZ.


How Many women will you accept on each group?

In order to MAXIMISE the personal attention we provide for each client, at the moment we currently strictly limit each course to no more than 8 women. Therefore, to ensure you are part of the next course, early registration is the only way to guarantee your place.


What is your refund policy?

You have the statutory time period. If after your first consultation or session (whichever comes first) you decide this is not for you, you should opt out. Doing so will enable a full money back guarantee. Please see our terms for more details.


What happens after I sign up?

After registering you will automatically be added to your chosen course. One of our team will contact you to schedule your private consultation with JJ who will begin your preparation and discuss any questions you may have. Then we will send you our start page so you can begin learning and preparing right away. Your live training day starts at 10:00 am and will be held within central Vienna on the date you have chosen.


Can I discuss my personal circumstances before deciding?

YES. JJ will be happy to give you a quick ‘discovery’ call to see if we are a good fit. If you wish to arrange a personal call we ask that you please first complete the following  quick questionnaire to provide your contact number and best time to call.


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