the Alpha Woman could already be reading this

–> It’s Your Potential.. Alpha Woman is The ONE You KNOW YOU ARE CAPABLE OF! <--



Have you always known there is a bigger MORE CAPABLE you? If so, this is a part of you that you absolutely must get back in touch with. It is the ONLY way to getting what you want during this lifetime.

Think about this for a minute..

You have more inside of you..

You mostly choose to not look at your real potential because you either do not know how to go from where you are now to achieving your Alpha..

OR, you prefer not to think about your life being a second best to what you are capable of.

This is where we come in to the rescue!

But our trainings are not for everyone..

We work with women who know they are capable of more. For example, imagine being a secret agent. No one knows the skills and capabilities of this trained secret agent, except you. You walk around possessing the ability to uncover innate skills already a part of you but you haven’t yet and if you do nothing about it, you never will.

You can be that secret agent.

You can live the real life you were meant to..

You already possess the skills.. we teach you how to get in touch with your Alpha and bring those skills into the outside world.

We have the tools to train you not only to look your genetic best, but to think and act like the real you.

Have you ever considered yourself in your fantasy life to be able to be any of the following:

  1. look your best
  2. be at your best
  3. be able to influence those around you without them knowing
  4. possess an unstoppable powerful image of yourself
  5. been fascinated by the women who are secret agents, possessing exceptional skills to control their missions through tools others do not have or cannot detect.

Are you getting the idea?


Your life with some training in alpha woman ‘special ops’ could transform you to an extent that you and those around you cannot believe is possible.

It is you that we are uncovering. It is what we call “the alpha self”. We have the tools and training that will complete the following:

  1. Enable you to communicate directly with your Alpha (bigger) self
  2. Get your physical abilities and body in the best shape possible (regardless of your age) This one is easy.. JJ the program creator is a former Army Physical Training Instructor ie the REAL DEAL who has trained 1,000’s of soldiers, clients and personal trainers to get those of any age back to or into their physical best!
  3. Adapt an unstoppable self image that can command your life into a completely new beginning
  4. Give you complete control over your mental ability and adopt a new mental toughness you did not know you had
  5. Quickly clarify those questions such as who you really are, what do you really want, when do you want it by. Then train you in the means to get whatever you want from this life time.
  6. Our 008 activation trains you in understanding the human design and how to use this knowledge to control all communications
  7. Our stealth (under the radar) training gives you the silent power of the Alpha which you can use to effect the outcomes of your interaction with others
  8. Expose the irresistible, persuasive and magnetic parts of you; making you highly attractive to others
  9. Train you in our top tools from the Alpha Mind Vault for example how to use “the missile” which not only gets you focused but directly moves you through a special feedback loop to your desired experiences, goals or outcomes from life.
  10. Take complete control of your thoughts, and destroy your limitations.

YES.. this is all possible, and much much more.

If this resonates with the curious part of you or gets you feeling excited about what is really possible, we want you to here from you. Click here to find out if you are one of the women we can help.

The most important thing you need to know is that the Alpha Woman we are referring to – is that secret person that you know exists and is only waiting to be discovered.

Come on.. YOU know you are capable of better than this. You want to look better, you want to feel better, you want to have more fun, adventure and success in THIS lifetime!

Sure you might have seen others who seem to be offering something similar but DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF THINKING THIS IS ANYTHING LIKE YOU HAVE EVER SEEN BEFORE.

This has been created by a Woman (not a man) for Women ONLY!

This has been developed over 30 years and countless evolving revisions to get this working right.

This training is the work of a military female who is not only a physical and mental trained scientist but someone who specialised in training soldiers/special forces to get in the best shape possible for combat and special ops. She can bring out the fittest, mentally tough, target orientated, human interaction specialist in you. And incase you are thinking.. there is no age barrier, each woman can be trained to their best regardless of where you are starting from. The only requirement is that you are dedicated to getting the best out of yourself and the desire to become 008..(the secret agent in your life) and use the Alpha inside of you as your blueprint of what you are REALLY capable of. We will provide the training which will accelerate your potential, you will do the necessary work and the rewards will be no less than spectacular and the searching will become your clear and focused path.. your Alpha Self will take over the process and you will go along for the ride!



Meet your true self.. she is waiting for you to discover that bigger part of you.. that you have kept hidden up to now.

Do you already know her? Would you like to meet with her? .. we can definitely arrange that!

In fact we will not only show you how to directly communicate with your Alpha self but also help you to train yourself into her by filling in the gaps to uncover a complete more powerful part of you that you have always secretly desired to be.

You see.. We train Alpha Women.

Yes, we do run a tough training program so that you can get to the life you know you could be living but you just don’t yet know how.

I am here to talk to your Alpha Self. She knows your body can be transformed, your mind can toughen up and she can help you get focused on what you want. Your result will be nothing less than dramatic! Your lifestyle will be transformed and definitely recreated to meet up to the lifes of the absolute best version of YOU..

.. SO why not get started – leave behind what you don’t want and come over to us for a serious set of training tools developed using military precision for uncovering your Alpha. Get tough on yourself with our help. Its time you lived up to the life you have always dreamed of. Learn now how to develop new physical, mental and lifestyle skills to stop living a 2nd best lifestyle. Train by learning new skills – with the right techniques you can finally get what you really want by stepping up and into to the real you.. your true ALPHA SELF.


Here is a map of where we will focus your training through the alphawoman training:


Don’t worry, you are not expected to understand the points right now, just know we will stop at nothing to help you reach your Alpha. Know also, we have developed this over 30 years and we have very powerful necessary tools in our training vault to get you where you want to be as quick as possible..

.. you just need to come along willing to find out who you really are, what you REALLY want and the desire to do whatever it takes to change this one life you have and yourself into the best you could possibly be.

Now is the time to raise your hand and change your level in life..

Let us know you are interested below. Let’s start now by finding out if you are ready for a program of this kind: